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Welcome to Pick Your Seeds, an online resource to learn how to choose the right cannabis seeds for your grow. We operate in Colorado, where cannabis cultivation is legal and part of our culture and freedoms.


What are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds are seeds from the marijuana plant. The seeds can be sprouted and grown to produce more marijuana plants. Typically, cannabis seeds give both the male and female gender plants when cultivated, however a new horticultural technique called “feminizing” yields cannabis seeds that produce solely female plants. The differences in cannabis seeds can be categorized into three main types:

  • Regular seeds
  • Feminized seeds
  • Autoflowering seeds

Differences explained: Regular seeds are the natural product of the marijuana plant's breeding process. When the grower sprouts regular seeds, the resulting plants are both genetically male and female mixed populations, compared to feminized seeds that grow only female plants due to the biological parents being both female plants. Autoflowering seeds on the other hand are often feminized, but don't have to be. The unique aspect of autoflowering seeds is the fact that the genetics are not photoperiod sensitive, which means growers can bud autoflowering plants with around-the-clock lighting schedules.

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How are Cannabis Seeds Made?

Cannabis seeds are made during the female marijuana plant’s flowering cycle. The white pistils are to be fertilized with a male cannabis plant’s pollen. In a month or longer from fertilization, marijuana seeds have fully developed inside the female caylx, or bracht.

In nature, cannabis seeds grow both male and female plants. Without outside intervention, the males pollenate the femals which breeds the next generation of the strain, or cultivar (cultivated variety). The reproductive cycle of cannabis is dependant on the seeds as a means of genetic reproduction.

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What are the Advantages of Seeds vs. Clones?

While air-layering and cloning techniques can replicate the genetics of a particular strain, breeding with seeds gives the advantage (or disadvantage) of adaptive growth through further filial generations of seeds - the plants may develop new growth traits to deal with environmental factors such as rain and humidity when grown in harsh climates.

For example, the growers at Mold Resistant Strains offer cannabis seeds that yield high yet show high resistance to Botrytis cinerea mold and powdery mildew plant diseases. The future of cannabis seed breeding relies on growers who work to stabilize and well as breed new hybrids.

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